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Word of God says that the southwestern continent just barely visible on the Draenor map is the ogre homeland, so theoretically that could have a much more powerful ogre empire, the Eastern Roman Empire equivalent. Commissioner Pravin Lal of the UN is from India, CEO Nwabudike Morgan is Namibian, and Colonel Corazon Santiago of the Spartans is from Puerto Rico. Planet Fury is New York City. It goes so far as to call the path

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from the eastern reaches to the western reaches "Silk Road". Elympios, on the other hand, tends to be more based in Slavic folklore and mythology. As a society, they value knowledge and quest for the cosmic truth. The hard fantasy medieval world of Calradia from Mount Blade has these: The Kingdom of Swadia is Western European, sort of a hybrid between France and the German states, or like a longer lasting version of the Frankish Empire. The weapons are justified in-universe as most of them being designed to protect the planet against asteroids rather than invading armies ( Stonehenge, Megalith, Chandelier, and, retroactively, Fortress Intolerance but apparently everyone missed the unfortunate loophole that guns which could take out city-sized asteroids could. There was Camelon the medieval planet, Texacana the cowboy planet, Zaghdad the Arabian Nights planet, etc. The Cadians also give off a vaguely Soviet style - if the Valhallans are the Red Army of wwii, the Cadians are the Soviet Army of the late '70s-'80s.

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This combination of cultures is less ahistorical than one might think because for quite a while Vikings actually ruled parts of Scotland. The Planet of Illusive Love is Gay Paree complete with berets, baguettes, and a Foreign Legion. The Ogir-Yensa Sandsea of Final Fantasy XII is very obviously based on Soviet-occupied Afghanistan and Gulf War-era Iraq, with keffiyeh-wearing Fish People running around executing sneak attacks on travelers, and giant rusting oil field tanks lying around, rendered useless due to terrorist activity and the. Autochthonia, as a world, is Industrial Revolution Europe, with its endless mazes of factories, almost universal reliance on gruel for nutrition, and decidedly crapsack feel. Travels Through Azeroth and Outland : World of Warcraft itself uses this trope a great deal, though Travels expands on the concept and sometimes invents its own: Several human ethnic groups are introduced to flesh out the setting. And certainly more parallels could be found. Hence religion wars between the Ulricans and the Sigmarites, much like in Renaissance Germany.

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It's less obvious thanks to the limited architecture the game uses. The Vailian Republics are renaissance Italy, the Rauatai is Maori, the Ixamitl Plains is Nahuatl, the Living Land is medieval Iceland, and the White That Wends is Antarctica (yes, people live there). The nomadic "Grazer" reindeer are obviously a counterpart to the Sami people, though with much more power and influence. Touvette is a mixed dig at Western fascism and North Korea. Menagerie is clearly based off of Australia. The Kingdom of the Rhodoks is Southern European or Alpine-like, based predominantly on the Italian city states or the various Swiss cantons. Many Dwarves live outside of Orzammar, however, on the surface, where they have a reputation as skilled merchants and businessmen. Castille is an example of Istanbul (Not Constantinople). Total Annihilation: Kingdoms : Aramon is your standard medieval European kingdom, with knights and castles and wizards and farmsteads. The griffin aeries are Byzantium, with a bit of the Italian city-states. One of the most obvious is the Shildkraut nation. Fable and its sequels: The games take place in the country sex homo nettsider real sexy massage of Albion, which is populated entirely by identically-voiced citizens from various parts of the British Isles. See also Culture Chop Suey, Space Romans (and the more offensive version, Space Jews ). Most of all, the game's world map resembles (albeit very roughly) the real world, with all these places including corresponding to their real world equivalents. Among Riedra's neighbors, Adar has aspects of both Tibet and Persia, and the Akiak dwarves resemble the Inuit. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic has a lot, but the most prominent ones include the Kou Empire, which is Ancient China, and the Reim Empire, which is the Roman Empire. The latter case is especially apparent in the fact that Belka even has its own version of the East/West Germany split, with a south-western portion of South Belka being ceded as North Osea after the Belkan War. Resulting in a typical RPGs Asian mishmash with shades of Monty Python. Both were invaded by a foreign empire that involved a leader called Darius, but managed to throw out the invaders). It's unclear if they're standard Fictional Countries or not. Peter Jackson 's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the clothes, architecture, and cultures were clearly inspired by Real Life historical cultures just as in the books.

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Some of their units also resemble Zulu warriors. The Planet of Forgotten Parents is the Philippines. Ice trolls use floating weapons, zulu shields and tiki masks to guards their houses, and build giant Mesopotamian-style/Babylonian Zigurats, while worshipping/killing animal gods, and practicing human(oid) sacrifice. However, they actually bear more similarities to Sparta in practice. Also a pun, as the Norkians are functionally "orcs" in this tale even though they are actually ponies. Additionally, please see the series' "Races" sub-pages. In recent updates, the crapsack has been dialed down a bit, and the individual Autochthonian nations have been given more emphasis in recent times. And they practice human(oid) sacrifice.

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Kingdom of Loathing has South of the Border, which is more or less Mexico during Halloween, and Little Canadia, which is Canada during the Stanley Cup finals. The Tau Empire are in some ways an East Asian jumble. It's hinted that it was more successful in an Alternate Universe. Griffins are Scotirish, as they're organized into clans, wear kilts, and speak an Oirish brogue. Note that with three exceptions the faction leaders are actually from the countries they parallel. In rwby, the land of Mistral on the eastern continent has a culture very reminiscent of Japan; houses with sloping rooftops, kitsune masks, Ninjas, poor resources, close ties to the sea. A poor, xenophobic and primitive kingdom using armies of peasant serfs with halberds and pikes, backed up by Polish-style winged hussars and really scary knights in spiky black armour. There are also vampire-worshiping gypsies (the Strigani) who offer vampires stolen children as human sacrifices. The Southern Isles is revealed in Frozen Fever to take the place of Denmark. However, from what we've seen in-series, Nevarra seems more based on Prussia, as both are led by extremely militaristic royal families, and Cassandra seems to be sporting a vaguely German accent.