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AmateurishWriter, amethyst Rose, andiChan, andrew Davis, andrew Foote. What does each person Jill, Gerta, Beth, Chris, etc mean to the writer? What things are the same? Richard Hunter (Of Blessed Memory). A Guide for Reading Groups, gO ASK alice, about This Book.

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Does it change the way you feel about the book to think that it might not be a true story? The main character does not feel like she fits in with her other family members, nor does she belong to any group at school. Find something that makes you feel like you belong and make it a part of your life. After completing some training, you may be able to work at such a helpline. Make your own 1970's project to wear or use as decoration.

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Who do you think is the best friend to have? In the book, the main character talks college sex homo anonymous chat about how drugs make her asian babes mannlig massør oslo bøsse feel more connected, both to other people and to the world that she lives. Where else, besides drugs, could she have turned to solve her problems? How sexie homoseksuell menn lesbian chat has life changed for people your age? Why is it so hard for her to remain clean? Check into opportunities and consider volunteering. What causes her to feel so separated and different? Do you know of people who have it worse than she does? Jordan cajuncock / jaskerjr Calvin Corvidian Candy Kane Carl Corley (Native American themes) Sky Eyes Carl Mason Carlos Martinos (Brandon. Every time the main character has something important happen in her life a summer with her grandparents, her family's move, an invitation to a big party, etc she focuses on her weight and wardrobe.

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Alan Stroup, alana Montgomery, albert Horniman (A. Consider changing your clothes, your hairstyle, the people you hang out with, or your attitude toward school. We may not know her name, but we can imagine how she feels as her diary records a descent into drug-induced madness. Go Ask Alice was written in the 1970's, a decade with a very unique sense of style. The narrator tries to change her image several times throughout the story. Do you think these thoughts affect the acid trip that lands her in the hospital? Is her relationship with her mother unusual for a teenage girl? Choose your favorite scene from the book and rewrite it using modern language.